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Private Jet Charter

Carnet de Voyage offers you an exclusive private jet charters. We are able to offer two types of private jet charter.

The Cessna 525 Citation Jet is a business jet plane with short-length and middle-length flights. Without any problem it can operate from shorters runways, which enables the use of a large number of smaller airports. Its rang is approximately 2000 km (1100 nautical miles) which enables summer operations over almost all of Europe and North Africa without stopping.
It is equipped with two jet motors, which gives a quiet atmosphere in the passenger cabin so even longer flights are not tiring. The cruise height of 12300 m is a guarantee for a pleasant flight, because at such high heights, turbulence is very rare.


Capacity: 2 pilots (captain + copilot) and 5 passengers
Engine power: 2 x 8,45 kN (1900 lb) of thrust
Cruising speed: 650 – 700 km/h (350 – 380 kt)
Maximum take off weight: 4717 kg
Length: 12,98 m
Wing span: 14,26 m
Height: 4,18 m
Maximum flight height 12300 m (FL 410)


cj2  cj2.

If we compare Cessna 525A CJ2 to our first jet, C525 CJ, this model can carry seven (6+1) passengers (belted toilet), has about 30% longer range and 15% higher speed, which makes it very popular among clients.

Capacity: 2 pilots (captain + copilot) i 7 passengers
Engine power: 2 x 8,74 kN (1960 lb) of thrust
Cruising speed: 700 – 800 km/h (380 – 430 kt)
Maximum take off weight: 5600 kg
Length: 14,53 m
Wing span: 15,19 m
Height: 4,27 m
Maximum flight height: 13500 m (FL 450)