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Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
Ibn Battuta


Dear World Traveller,

I know that you are looking to embark on a memorable journey. We are here for you to make that journey an extraordinary experience.

As the Founder of Carnet de Voyage, I am personally dedicated to making each customer’s travel experience truly unique. Travel has always been my life, and my passion. As a consummate traveller, I have never been satisfied with cookie-cutter package vacations, preferring instead to experience the hidden treasures of the world’s cultures.

For several years now, I have been sharing my special experiences in travel columns written for some of Croatia’s most popular magazines. I have also been running a very successful event-planning business and organising luxury events for high-profile corporate clients throughout Croatia. I look forward to using that personal experience in creating the most indulgent itineraries and escapist holidays in Croatia and abroad, tailored specifically for you.

Planning a successful holiday requires time, knowledge, and persistence. Based on our personal experiences and extensive familiarity with the region, our team at Carnet de Voyage have carefully selected travel industry partners and accommodation in Croatia and abroad in order to design your perfect holiday. Our portfolio includes villas and farmhouses of various sizes and styles located in the most beautiful regions of Croatia. Whether you seek a quiet retreat in the countryside or the excitement of sailing in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, we will organise a holiday that best suits your specific needs and preferences. For urban travel, we suggest custom-made sightseeing itineraries with stays in boutique hotels and luxury apartments in select cities of outstanding historical interest. We also offer you exciting opportunities to be introduced to the region’s flavours through the finest culinary and wine-tasting classes and events.

In short, we at Carnet de Voyage will do everything possible in order to make your journey exciting, comfortable, and carefree. The rest, dear Traveller, is up to you – as observed by the American scholar Paul Fussell, ‘the secret of the travel book’ is ‘to make essayistic points seem to emerge empirically from material data intimately experienced’.


Katarina Marić