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Dalmatia, the central part of Croatian Adriatic coast, offers a matchless combination of Mediterranean hedonism and historical discovery. The beautiful coast with more than thousand islands are the part of the reason Dalmatia has become one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. Roman ruins, spectacular beaches, picturesque fishing ports, medieval architecture and historic cities make a trip to Dalmatia unforgettable.

SPLIT, the largest city in the region, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, built on the very foundation of the vast retirement palace Roman Emperor Diocletian built here in A.D. 305. Today it teems with 21st-century life, a charming Mediterranean city with harbourside promenade lined with cafes.

The walled town of Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage site, located on a small island is a virtual open-air museum of Renaissance architecture. Visit the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the town’s architectural and artistic treasure, featuring exquisite 13th-century carvings by famous artist Radovan.


Beautiful Hvar Island is an obligatory stop for yachts, megayachts and international trendsetters. It is the most luxurious island and the sunniest place in the country with 2724 sunny hours each year. The Old Town Hvar has impressive landmarks including the Renaissance Cathedral of St. Stephen with its Italianate bell tower, and the Benedictine Monastery, well known for the unique lace made from agave fibers and handcrafted by nuns. The island interior is a panorama of lavender fields and pine-covered hills.